Limón Combo City Tour

Limón city tour and cultural history, coastal highlights and banana plantation.

Also, experience the cocoa plantation and observe sloths, the Tortuguero canal rain forest, country sights, beach and shopping center

Approximately: 4 hrs.

Tortuguero Canal
The best tour you can take during your visit to Puerto Limon, Costa Rica. Come with us and enjoy this tour with a professional naturalist tour guide, who will explain to you the most important aspects of the Afro-Caribbean Culture of Costa Rica and show you the richwildlife of this fascinating region.

During this tour you will enjoy:
Limon City Tour History records. The country’s port par excellence thanks to import and export traffic, . The city’s old quarter has the characteristics of a historical center and is currently . Enjoy a taste of the afro Caribbean culture.

Visit a Banana Plantation and Packing House
where many interesting facts about this amazing fruit will be explained: The Crop, harvest-ing, processing, packing and exportation. Costa Rica is the second largest banana producer in the world and 80% of the plantations are located in Limon province, becoming one of the most important economical activities in the region. A very interesting cultural experience that you can’t miss.

Coastal Highlights
Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Puerto Limon coastline during the bus drive to the different attractions.

The Tortuguero Canal
Board your covered boat for a 60 minutes leisurely cruise through the jungle canals. Your guide explains the rain forest eco-system and points out sights of interest. Keep an eye out for wildlife including howler monkeys, many sloths , aquatic birds, bats and crocodiles as well as exotic flora. Experience a picturesque jungle, known as “Costa Rica’s Amazon,” name as such on accout of its lush, dense rainforest and wildlife. More than 400 species of animals live in the area.

Enjoy the Souvenirs Stores & Shopping.
During our Limon Highlights tour, you will enjoy many different souvenirs stores. The Caribbean enjoys a diversity of cultures: Afro-Costa Rican, Bribri and Cabécar, Asian, Italian and Central American, among others. Besides food, the region features a collection of cultural activities and traditions that also differentiate it from the rest of the country.

Taking part of this amazing tour, you will become an expertise about the rich cultural heritage and ecological resources of the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.
Don’t miss it…